About Ali Torkzadeh

Ali Torkzadeh uses words, images, videos, design and Web media to communicate cogent, succinct and targeted messages on behalf of businesses and non-profits in the United States and abroad.

He was a reporter at the Associated Press and other news organizations, as well as a commercial photographer. (mini-resume)

He holds a photojournalism BA from the University of Minnesota and a political science MA and an MBA from Georgia State University. His MA thesis was on emergence of democracy in the Middle East. His MBA concentration was in e-commerce. He divides his time between Los Angeles and the Middle East.

Torkzadeh is a volunteer with charities in the US and Africa. He is available for volunteer assignments abroad to document adversity and NGO achievements. Contact him here.

Torkzadeh is pronounced just as it's written, with emphasis in the middle syllable: Tork-ZA-deh. "Tork", like fork; "za", like ma or law; "deh" like in deme. Ali is pronounced like Alley, except the emphasis is on the end: a-LEE.